Australian designed and engineered to handle our harsh outback touring needs. The MSA 4X4 Straight Slide is a simple, versatile yet convenient solution to accessing the fridge contents.

The MSA 4X4 Straight Slide has been designed for low height applications where a Drop Slide™ is not required.
The Straight Slide has a flat mounting base, allowing easy and secure fitment into the back of a vehicle.
Featuring high-quality, overextension roller bearings that create a smooth, almost effortless slide-out and slide-in movement of the fridge.
It also allows maximum slide extension, providing greater access to the fridge over the tailgate or rear bar.
The unique lock-in and lockout mechanism ensures the slide will stay in its intended position regardless of the angle of the vehicle.
Key lock, runner locks and supplied tie down kit ensure the tray and fridge are secure whilst travelling.
The uniquely recognisable MSA 4X4 blue anodised faceplate provides a tough, durable and eye-catching finish, which is a standard feature across the range.
The platform remains perfectly horizontal and avoids any contact with the vehicle.
A blue anodised faceplate creates a tough, durable and easily recognisable feature, that is unique to all MSA 4X4 Slides.
The frame is constructed from powder-coated steel and the compact design maximises storage space within the vehicle.
The MSA 4X4 Side Drop Slide™ is engineered to be easily installed and the pre-drilled tray holes provide anchor points for most popular fridges.
The lock-in, lock-out safety feature locks the slide in its intended position while travelling, preventing potential damage to the fridge and vehicle.


  • Compact size
  • Easy install
  • Lock-in and lock-out safety system
  • Stainless steel and blue anodised aluminium fittings
  • Powder-coated steel frame construction
  • Travel lock and key
  • Anodised blue faceplate


  • All fixing and tie-down straps
  • Pre-drilled tray hole
  • MSA 4X4 Lifetime Guarantee


  • 5 sizes available to suit a variety of applications
  • MSA 4X4 Fridge Barriers available for all models