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Welcome to Canberra Auto Accessories! We’re here to help you get your hands on quality auto parts for your ute, 4WD or other passenger vehicle. Whether you’re in need of a bull bar to fit your new Land Cruiser or a canopy to safeguard your tools, we provide the latest products at some of the best prices on the market. Based in Hume, we supply to customers throughout Canberra, from Amaroo to Tuggeranong.

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Accessories — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT
Nissan 4x4 — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT

Supplying & Fitting Trusted Brands

From our store in Hume, we supply and fit all types of accessories from brands including Nissan, Volkswagen and RAM. Get your hands on our range of:

And more. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Accessories — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT


Winches, spotlights, LED light bars—we have a wide range of auto accessories to choose from. Our interior and exterior accessories are suited to all types of passenger vehicles in Canberra.

Bull Bars — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT

Bull Bars

Our bull bars are manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure maximum safety if you happen to encounter wildlife on the road. Protect your family and your vehicle from harm in Canberra.

Battery Tray — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT


We supply auto-electrical products to keep you powered on and off-road. Choose from our range of phone boosters, radio communication equipment, battery trays and more available in Canberra.

Exterior — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT


Kit out the exterior of your 4WD, Ute or other passenger vehicle with the latest accessories in Canberra—from towing mirrors and mudflaps to snorkels and ladder racks.

Fuel Tank — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT

Fuel Tank

When traversing the countryside, running out of fuel can mean disaster. Make sure you have the capacity you need with our fuel tank range available in Canberra.

Interior — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT


Keep the interior of your vehicle clean, organised and easy to maintain. We supply a selection of bulkheads, flooring, mats and wall panels for exactly that purpose in Canberra.

Nudge Bars — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT

Nudge Bars

Available in Canberra, our low-profile, lightweight nudge bars are designed to protect your vehicle and pedestrians in case of an accident. They’re not as large or heavy as your typical bull bar.

Rear Bars — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT

Rear Bars

Rear bars are an essential for any 4WD enthusiast in Canberra. Whilst providing added protection, they also make the ideal accessory mount for lights, jerry can holders, tyre carriers and much more.

Roll Top & Canopies — Auto Accessories In Hume, ACT

Roll Top & Canopies

Adapt your ute to your specific needs with our range of canopies and roll tops in Canberra. Secure your tools, materials, camping gear and whatever else you can’t afford to have stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main differences between a bull bar and a nudge bar are their size and weight. Bull bars are much larger and heavier than nudge bars. They also wrap around the front of the vehicle, unlike their smaller counterparts. Both have a similar function.

Snorkels are designed to extend the air intake of a vehicle above the water line, which allows the engine to continue running when fording through water. The snorkel typically has a tube that runs from the air intake to above the roof of the vehicle.

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