These pre-wired, 3-Way Power Panels are designed to replace the Wing Face Plates and attach them to the Wing Kit Brackets on the sides of an MSA 4X4 Storage Drawer System. Creating a perfectly flush finish and include:

  • 3 x labelled, illuminated Rocker switches (Water Pump, Compressor and Aux Light) and 2 spare switch covers (1 x Fridge and 1 x Inverter)
  • 2 Port 4.2A (combined) USB charging outlets
  • 2 x cigarette lighter sockets
  • Illuminated auxiliary battery voltage display
  • Angled sockets to suit being installed on the front of a set of drawers, so that accessory plugs in use, do not hit the vehicle tailgate or wagon doors
  • Pre-wired for faster installation
  • Unique injection-moulded backing plate which protects the back of the switches and wiring from loose items stored under the Storage Drawer Wings