MSA 4X4 has taken it up a notch with the MSA 4X4 Drop Slide™ with table.
This patented Drop Slide™ comes with a 316 stainless-steel pull-out table that can hold up to 7.5kg.
Perfect for preparing a quick meal for the family when on the road.
The Drop Slide™ lowers 30 centimetres while extending over the tailgate of the vehicle, allowing easy access to a fridge,
toolbox or generator. The slide remains in a horizontal position when lowing, avoiding any contact with the vehicle.
The Drop Slide™ with Table features the unique, easily recognisable, MSA 4X4 blue anodised faceplate.
Creating a tough, durable and sleek finish, it is sure to stand out from its competitors.
The Slide also has a powder-coated steel frame construction for more durability when in use. The lock-in, lock-out safety
feature locks the slide in its intended position while travelling, preventing potential damage to the fridge and vehicle.


  • Compact size
  • Easy install
  • Lock-in and lock-out safety system
  • Stainless steel and blue anodised aluminium fittings
  • Powder-coated steel frame construction
  • Travel lock and key
  • Anodised blue faceplate


  • All fixing and tie-down straps
  • Pre-drilled tray hole
  • MSA 4X4 Lifetime Guarantee


  • 5 sizes available to suit a variety of applications
  • MSA 4X4 Fridge Barriers available for all models