Enhance a vehicle’s appearance with MSA 4X4’s patented, ‘SEMA AWARD-WINNING’

All-around driving and towing mirrors! Government guidelines state that the driver is required to see 20m past the widest point of the towed vehicle.
MSA 4X4 has created a range of Towing Mirrors that meet this guideline and are specifically designed for Australian vehicles. MSA 4X4’s patented, SEMA award-winning Towing

Mirrors feature a large single mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty extension slide. Allowing the mirror to extend out when towing and return to a normal driving position, when not towing.

“The best looking Towing Mirrors available!”


  • Four different mirror positions
  • Large, single mirror lens
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Unique pivot design
  • Fold inwards or outwards
  • ADR Compliant
  • Injection moulded and die-cast aluminium components


  • MSA 4×4’s 5 Year Warranty
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