The Ascent Canopy is ARB’s feature-packed flagship Canopy, offering the highest level of usability and vehicle integration in an ultra-premium design. With a raft of standard features including fully integrated central locking and push-button window switches, the Ascent is the solution for those who live an active lifestyle and want their Next-Generation Ranger to look just as good off road as it does in the parking lot.


  • Vanishing edge shell design for seamless vehicle integration
  • Aerodynamic styling with integrated rear spoiler and e-mark approved LED brake light
  • Robust mounting system firmly secured to the recommended vehicle hard points
  • Frameless tinted safety glass gives a more integrated look with the vehicle
  • Side lift-up windows incorporating ARB dual stage latch, central locking and discrete activation switches
  • Convenient 280mm access height for side lift-up windows
  • Front lift-up window for easy access to clean the vehicle cabin window
  • Improved security with remote central locking for rear door and side lift-up windows activated from the vehicle key fob
  • Electronic unlatching of the side lift-up windows and rear door
  • Three-dimensional curved rear door glass with “invisible” hinge
  • Slimline canopy vent provides positive pressure inside the canopy to reduce dust ingress
  • Strong 9mm ABS shell with easy to clean interior – eliminates stains and odours and suitable for temperatures -20°C to 90°C
  • Clean visual interior with concealed fasteners and wiring looms
  • Automatic activation of the high output/low current draw LED interior light on door opening including manual override function
  • Plug-n-Play wiring harness to assist with installation onto the vehicle
  • Nonintrusive roof load internal support system (where optioned) to maximise cargo space
  • Unique roof load carrying solutions for additional cargo requirements (where optioned)
  • Suitable for standard or Sportguard utility liner fitment
  • Designed to perfectly integrate with the Loadmaster
  • 5mm thick tempered safety glass with dark grey tint (28% visual light transmission) manufactured to international standard
  • E-Mark approved LED high level brake light
  • Patented canopy mounting system
  • Key override opening for emergency access
  • Internal emergency release handle
  • Low current draw LED interior light
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